HellFire FAQs You May Dunno

Q: What differentiates HellFire: The Summoning from other fantasy card collecting games?

HellFire has a unique gameplay mechanic that combines both strategy and skill. Building your deck with the most powerful creatures and with the correct balance of affinities is only the first step. Once you enter the battle you’ll have to launch your carefully crafted attacks at the enemy using touch based flick controls. Landing an attack squarely on the enemy deals extra damage and now with the new skill system in place, it may also trigger a rain of fire swords falling from the sky too.

Q: How long has the HellFire team been preparing for this relaunch?

Along with the new skills system, we also added in a lot of gameplay improvements and special touches that we have been working on for a long time. For example, since almost day one, we have wanted to allow players to swap cards in their deck with a simple tap and drag and this relaunch gave us an opportunity to add this in and a lot of other improvements. Some elements of the relaunch have been in the works for weeks, others months, but everything has been a part of our design discussions since the game first launched.

Q: What new features can fans look forward to with the relaunch?

First and foremost, Skills is the most significant piece of the update that players can look forward to. Now, every card rare or above will have a chance to trigger a powerful skill which can change the pace of battle. There are hundreds of skills but for example you might come across some of these: 

  • Poison - Poisons an enemy, slowly draining health as the battle wages on.
  • Earth Cage - Prevent an enemy from attacking for multiple turns
  • Fire Sword - The skies part to rain down a barrage of flaming swords of fire upon the enemy.
  • Healing Song - When triggered heals your cards’ combined health.
  • Titanic Fury - Exactly as it sounds, a deadly bolt of lighting finds your enemy and strikes suddenly.

As mentioned above, the Skills are the biggest part of this update and we encourage you to go try them out now!!! Of course, we made some other updates as well to give the game some extra polish and to delight our fans. 

  • The Orb - We spent some time on making this crucial element of the game look more like what it is: a powerful combination of three elements. It’s a small change, but it’s small changes like these that keep a live game fresh and constantly improving.
  • Deck Configuring - Also mentioned above, we updated the UI so that players can now tap and drag cards around in their deck without moving to a new screen. This is one was a no brainer and we hope our players appreciate it. 
  • Deck Expansion - Collect additional creature slots for more flexibility with your deck!

Q: Tell us more about the Skills feature. How will Skills effect the players?

Skills are going to make both collecting and battling more meaningful and exciting. In the past, cards in your deck represented HP / ATK points and affinities, so although every card varies a great deal in it’s visual design, they didn’t very much in their gameplay design. Now with skills, there will be a reason to seek out and hold onto cards that can give you that extra edge in a battle. Besides, who doesn’t want to see a rain of fire swords attack the enemy right in the nick of time?

Q: How do you expect HellFire players to react to the new updates?

We love it, so it’s our hope that our players will love it too. It will definitely stir some things up, large updates always do, but there is nothing worse than a game getting stale. We’re confident that this is just the kind of update that enhances the current game while maintaining the integrity of the original design and gameplay. What makes HellFire fun to play will still be there and then some.

Q: Any tips for players?

Set your creatures up strategically in your deck! Take advantage of a creature with shift and load up your next squad’s creatures to take advantage of it. 

Q: What’s next for HellFire? 

We’re currently developing another feature for the game that our players have been asking for, adamantly, for a long time. We don’t want to spoil it, so I won’t say it here but keep a look out for more enhancements to the game in the coming months.

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